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One of the most unique and compelling aspects of the Magnotta Case is the extensive web footprint allegedly left by Luka Magnotta himself going back some years.  It is surely quite unprecedented in scale and in the context of the crimes he is alleged to have committed these webpages provide a valuable insight into the complex psychological issues influencing Luka's mindset at various stages of his life.

This list of websites and webpages alleged to have been written or created by Luka Magnotta is by no means comprehensive.  I have not included Luka's Facebook pages and profiles, or his multiple accounts on Photobucket.  Luka's alleged sockpuppet aliases are highlighted in pink type.  

NB: The websites listed here are not necessarily direct links to the documented webpages I mention, which may have been removed by the websites hosting the content.

I have listed additional websites and web activities in the Timeline and Biography pages.

December 2005 - deviantart - stunningstud - LM sets up a profile on with 12 pics and 3 blog entries.
[PDF 343Kb] [PDF Blog 209Kb]

5th June - Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta - writes an article 'I'm The New James Dean'This article has been deleted from Orato, but I have created a PDF with the original text. 
[PDF 91Kb]

1st March 2007 - - Luka Magnotta creates a modelling portfolio page and uploads several of his pictures.  He subsequently creates a second Malemod profile on 17th March 2007.  He was last active on the site on 7th May 2007. 29/10/14 this website appears to have been deleted.
[PDF1 172Kb]  [PDF2 170Kb] 

1st March 2007 - Luka Magnotta creates his first Flickr account Mercedes Benz1 – posting 6 pictures with a reference to his birth name Eric Newman.

7th April 2007 – LM posts a blog entitled 'Addicted to Plastic Surgery'. This article has been deleted from Orato, but I have created a PDF with the original text.   [PDF 92Kb]

Luka and his Mum
21st May 2007 - Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta - posts an article entitled 'I Walked Into The Door Again' describing in detail his difficult relationship with his mother and traumatic upbringing.  This article has been deleted from Orato, but I have created a PDF with the original text.
[PDF 63Kb] 

30th May 2007 - Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta - writes an article 'Overcoming Mental Illness' in which he describes himself as suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder. This article has been deleted from Orato, but I have created a PDF with the original text.
[PDF 85Kb]

4th August 2007 - Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta - posts an article about 'Anaesthetic Awareness: A Nightmare'. This article has been deleted from Orato, but I have created a PDF with the original text. 

28th September 2007 - Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta posts a blog entry about 'My Former Life As A Male prostitute'. This article has been deleted from Orato, but I have created a PDF with the original text. 
[PDF 89Kb] 

10th November 2007 - - Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta posts a lengthy blog entry entitled 'Legalize or Decriminalize Prostitution'. This article has been deleted from Orato, but I have created a PDF with the original text.
[PDF 101Kb]

2nd March 2008 - Orato -  Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta - LM posts an article revealing his personal insights about ex-porn star and convicted murderer Timothy Boham/Markus Allen. 29/10/14 - This page also appears to have been deleted. 
[PDF 240Kb]

17th March 2008ilovekittycats3 – Luka Magnotta created a second Flickr page with 9 photographs uploaded, including a picture taken on Hollywood Boulevard.

15th May 2008 - Fanofmalesmodels – Luka uploads 8 photographs to this Flickr account with shots of him in Russia and The Bahamas.

30th June 2008 - Luka Magnotta – Luka Magnotta's fourth Flickr account with several pictures of him in Hollywood and pictures of convicted serial killers Karla Homolka and Paul Bernado. A total of  28 photos uploaded.

25th August 2008http://unbelievablenews20.blogspot.caNews SiteBlog posting by 'News Site' alleging incestuous relationship between LM and his sister Melissa Newman (pictured below) resulting in a child and also his subsequent supposed marriage to convicted serial killer Karla Homolka!
2008Xtubelukamagnottaporn – LM sets up a profile on X-tube.

21st August 2008Xtubelukamagnottaporn – Blog posting about LM having an affair with his stepmother and talks about his relationship with his father. 1/11/2014 - The affair with his stepmother was confirmed by Luka's father, Donald Newman, during his witness testimony to the Court on 31st October 2014.
Screen Capture [JPEG 0.98Mb]

27th August 2008 Xtube lukamagnottaporn – Blog posting where LM describes himself as a submissive masochist and details his interests in BDSM.
Screen Capture [JPEG 746Kb]

11th January 2009 - michael_flynt - Another Flickr account set up by Luka with 15 images uploaded, including a picture claiming to be Luka and Karla Homolka (doubtful!) and three images of a DVD cover of the movie 'Casino'.
14th April 2009 - Deviant Art - luka-magnotta -  LM sets up a further profile on with just four photographs and a single journal entry with the quote: "You only realize how much you love somebody when one day they don't love you back". He claims to be living in Los Angeles at the time.
[PDF 313Kb]

23rd April 2009 - Japan Referenceilovejapanc - Quite a bizarre thread quoting a news an article by "Alex Missick of Tribune" reporting that Luka Magnotta and Karla Homolka are planning to move to Japan.  I have no idea if Luka posted this but he seems to be the one responsible for most of the Homolka stories.
[PDF 383Kb]
16th May 2009 - Luka Magnotta Facebook page is created. The first of 70 Facebook accounts it is claimed that he created. There is a good article on Luka Magnotta's Facebook activities on  It would appear that the bulk of these Facebook pages were created from 2011 onwards.

1st June 2009 - Digital Journal - Rocco Magnotta - LM posts an article entitled "How to Completely Disappear and Never Be Found". This article is widely acknowledged to be have been largely plagiarised by LM.  [PDF 651Kb] 

23rd June 2009 to 1st July 2009 - - lukamagnotta - LM sets up a journal page and posts 44 articles about himself and his life in the space of just over a week!  I feel this is significant because after these postings LM appears to vanish for nearly a year.  I have written more about this in a separate blog entry. I decided not to post links to all these journal entries here, but I have created a PDF with links to all 44 articles with accompanying PDF screenshots.  [PDF 56Kb]

29th June 2009 - - Guest_Luka_Magnotta - Posting by Luka Magnotta speaking about the difficult relationship with his 21-year-old boyfriend of 8-months.  Similar theme to articles uploaded to during June 2009.
[PDF 107Kb]

12th July 2009 - - marilynmonroe4Luka Magnotta apparently sets up a profile on this website and writes a total of 34 posts on a range of subjects claiming to be "a female in Los Angeles".  He lists 50 answers to living as a 'female' (or should that be 'she-male'?) which it has since been claimed was plagiarised from Barbie Swallows' profile.  Be warned this website contains explicit imagery of female nudity and sexual intercourse!
[PDF 753Kb]

3rd August 2010 – LM writes two short blog postings, the first about himself 'Luka Magnotta Russian Male Model' and the second 'CSIS' extolling his virtues as a wannabe recruit for Canadian Security and Intelligence Services.
Screen Capture [JPEG 2.27Mb] [PDF 1.36Mb]

13th August 2010 - LM sets up a profile page on JustUsBoys and posts several images and a single posting advertising that he is in Miami, Florida and meeting a photographer for a photoshoot. 10/12/2012 - Luka's 'JustUsBoys' account has been deleted.
[PDF 336Kb]   [JPEG 1Mb]

18th August 2010 - Canon Digital Photography - LM posts a thread on CDP Forum requesting advice for his modelling portfolio, including three of his modelling pictures.
[JPEG 1.1Mb]  

21st August 2010 - - currentnews40 - LM sets up a profile on NowPublic and posts an article on the treatment of patients with mental illnesses.  I believe this article may be of significance because it gives a hint to a possible explanation for the lack of documented information about Luka's career and internet activities from late-Summer 2009 onwards. See Blog 29/10/14 - This page has been deleted.

23rd August 2010 - - currentnews40 -LM also posts an article written in the format of an interview with Luka Magnotta discussing his career in adult films. 29/10/14 - This page has been deleted.

25th September 2010 - - Sonic300 -  Posting by Luka Magnotta saying he is currently living in Moscow, Russia, and is moving to Miami, Florida, and asking for advice on Russian neighbourhoods in Miami.

26th October 2010 - expat blog - parisparis60 - LM is in Paris and posts a blog entry on expat blog, mentioning his "husband" and that he had "found love" whilst in Paris.

3rd November 2010http://lukamagnotta.buzznet.comlukamagnotta – LM sets up a profile on, posting just 11 images and a single blog entry entitled 'Police Interrogation Techniques'. He also is listed as joining two Groups - Photo Recovery Software and Martial Discipline.

30th November 2010SMplacedragonslayer4 – Claiming to live in Russia but returning to North America 'dragonslayer4' is seeking dominant sadistic men or women to tie him up and abuse him. With a picture of LM tied up.

21st December 2010 - intothenight900 - Luka creates yet another Flickr page and uploads just 6 modelling images of himself and a playboy logo.

17th April 2011www.livekite.comsentinel560 - Post about LM taking the anti-psychotic drug Risperidal by 'known' LM sockpuppet sentinel560, which has been widely reported as a drug to treat schizophrenia but I should point out this drug is also prescribed for other mental health conditions where mania, psychosis and/or 'voices' presents a high risk factor.  Borderline Personality Disorder is one example where a sufferer might be prescribed Risperidal if intrusive thoughts ("voices") or manic episodes become problematic features of the condition. 29/10/14 This webpage has been deleted.
10th April 2011 - Luka-Magnotta-Luka-Magnotta - Luka creates this Flickr account with a mixture of personal photographs and images, including the infamous picture of a young male holding a knife with the text “Don't let the door hit you on the way out of my life asshole. LUKA MAGNOTTA”. Also uploaded is a picture taken of Luka in Paris and DVD covers of Basic Instinct and Casino. (13 Images)

26th April 2011 - luka-magnotta-magnotta-lukaluka-magnotta-magnotta-luka - Luka sets up another blogspot ( with 6 lengthy articles which were all posted on 26th April 2011.

July – Posting on Youtube attributed to 'known' LM sockpuppet lighttunnell replying to a video posted by another alleged LM sockpuppet sopranos2322.  I consider this posting to be a revealing insight into LM's psychology and his struggle to understand himself.  He mentions that "Luka is Borderline Personality Disorder" which is an opinion I would concur with to some extent, as a Borderline myself.

28th July 2011 - Photoshop Forums - littlenemo1 -  A thread is started by littlenemo1 advertising for people experienced in photoshopping images to edit and superimpose faces and place people into photographs.  The poster offers to pay $10 per image and two users respond with one of them saying he had already done the work requested.  It is claimed on Websleuths that this advert was posted by Luka MagnottaI'm not sure about this one to be honest but it is curious that photoshopped images only started appearing in Luka's Flickr photostreams after this date!

3rd August 2011 - Picasa Web Albums - Luka Magnotta sets up a Picasa profile and uploads 56 images to 3 Albums.  Luka also makes two posts on 3rd August 2011 and lists his marital status as Married.
[PDF 451Kb]
22nd August 2011 - Luka Magnotta Russian Male Model - Another Flickr account with 4 photoshopped images and a shot stamped with 'No Shoes Radio'.

22nd August 2011 - LUKA MAGNOTTA IMAGES - 7 more photoshopped images of Luka uploaded to this Flickr account. 
1st September 2011PsychCentral.comcutelittlenemo1 - Detailed posting about LM's dysfunctional relationship with his parents and family members. Posted by cutelittlenemo1
Screen Capture [JPEG 1.84Mb] [PDF 571Kb]

September 2011? - Fanpop ProfileLuka Magnotta – LM sets up a fanpop webpage for himself.
Screen Capture [JPEG 1.1Mb] [PDF  370Kb]

8th September 2011 - Luka Magnotta_Porn - A Flickr account with a mixture of fake and photoshopped images of Luka Magnotta, as well as a couple of his modelling pictures. 11 Images

22nd September 2011 - luka-magnotta-luka - Flickr with another 5 images. Bleh!

22nd September 2011 -
luka-mangnotta-tyrone-power – Ditto the above! 5 Images uploaded.

7th October 2011Fanpop Versace40Versace40 – Question from Versace40 asking “Who played Hannibal Lecter better, Luka Magnotta or Gaspard Ulliel?”

10th November 2011Authspot.comLinda Collins – A blog posting by user 'Linda Collins' claiming LM has been falsely accused of animal cruelties and alleging various groups are involved in an online campaign to persecute LM. Includes a very disturbing comment left by 'shar w' threatening to kill LM if he returns to the UK. 23rd March 2013 - This webpage appears to be unavailable or removed.
Screen Captures [JPEG Page 1 - 1.29Mb]  [JPEG Page 2 - 1.1Mb]

13th November 2011 - scamfraudripoff - Lorenz S. - A scurrilous report is posted about Antonio Minakakis - the man associated with Luka Magnotta back in the 2005 fraud trial - by alleged LM sockpuppet identity Lorenz S.
[PDF 133Kb]  23rd March 2013 - The scamfraudripoff website appears to have been deleted.

13th November 2011 - scaminformer - Lorenz S. - The report mentioned on scamfraudripoff is also posted to this scam website. There are a couple of interesting comments in response to this report. 29/10/14 - This website appears to have been deleted. [PDF 170Kb]    Screen Capture [JPEG 2.8Mb] 

13th November 2011 - ScamTopLorenz S. - Another report posted by Lorenz S. accusing Antonio "Tony" Minakakis of being a scammer, rascist and sociopath. [PDF 300K]

14th November 2011 - RipOff ReportLorenz S. - An identical report to the ones posted to scamfraudripoff, ScamTop and scaminformer (mentioned above) is also posted to RipOffReport by Lorenz S. The writing style of all four reports and several subsequent comments is consistent with LM. The rebuttal comment supposedly made by T. Minakakis contains a paragraph of text copied directly from Luka Magnotta's website that was posted four months previously. 

These reports filed by LM had rather perplexed me for a while.  It was obvious to me there was a significance to them as the reports were posted in the months prior the murder of Jun Lin.  Antonio Minakakis himself says he has had no contact with LM since 2005 and described LM as "a creepy neighbourhood guy" in interviews since Jun Lin's murder. 

So why is LM posting reports about him?  I think it is clear that at this point in LM's life he is going through a period of introspection, evaluating his life as he approaches a landmark 30th birthday in July 2012.  

I now believe that the reports and comments LM has made about Antonio Minakakis are a psychological projection of himself and his own self-image onto a character from his past whom he obviously admired but felt had rejected and dismissed him.

23rd March 2013 -  It would appear that news articles featuring interviews with Antonio Minakakis talking about his past association with Luka Magnotta have mysteriously been removed from the archives of several major news providers.  In context with the recent preliminary hearings, is this just coincidence?

15th November 2011Tommy Bahamas blogspotTommy Bahamas – Two identical blog postings about Karla Homolka and how LM met her and embarked on a short lived relationship, plus claims that as from 2012 LM would be living in Phoenix, Arizona under the name of Vladimir Romanov and is married with a child.
Screen Capture [JPEG 1.99Mb] and [JPEG 3.9Mb]  [PDF 323Kb]

18th February 2012 - Luka Magnotta Photos 2013 - Flickr photostream with various pics of Luka Magnotta, including shots in Russia and Paris, France. It is somewhat curious that he included 2013 in the screen name for this photostream. 10 Images

27th February 2012 - Luka Magnotta 2013 Male Model - This Flickr photostream is the largest of the 15 accounts he set up on Flickr with 64 images uploaded, although many are either duplicates, badly photoshopped or not of Luka Magnotta at all. Again he uses 2013 in the screen name and the final upload is of a picture of himself that he used in the now-deleted Necrophilia Serial Killer Luka Magnotta blog page on 26th March 2012.

Google capture of the deleted Flickr page
15th April 2012 - Luka Magnotta Male Model Images - This Flickr photostream with 8 images uploaded - including the cover image posted in the deleted Necrophilia Serial Killer Luka Magnotta blog - appears to have been set up by somebody impersonating Luka and possibly with the intention to illicit a reaction from him with a view to ensnaring him.  I suspect animal rights extremists set up this Flickr account which they subsequently deleted after Luka's arrest.

Other webpages and documents of interest:

Hollywood North Talent Agency - A profile page set up by Luka Magnotta advertising for modelling work.  There is no date for when this profile was created, but Luka claims to be 21-years-old (doubtful) and states he has been modelling for 5 years but curiously lists his professional level as amateur!  He also states that he has no agent!  As of 18th August 2012 this profile page appears to have been removed. It was last cached by Google on 12th August 2012 (lucky I made a PDF!).

Breann Pearl Lang
5th June 2012 - Breann Pearl Lang posts a supportive message about Luka on his Facebook page (since deleted but cached by Google although curiously this also appears to have been deleted).   She makes reference to a meeting they had and says she still loves him. She also leaves a disturbing reply to comments expressing her desire to be killed in the same manner as Jun Lin

It has been alleged that Breann Pearl Lang is the female featured in the kitten killing videos and she was thought to be a Luka Magnotta alias until her Facebook profile recently became active.

29th October 2014 - Links to websites and content listed in this page have been checked and verified as still active.


  1. "21st May 2007 – - Citizen Correspondent Luka Magnotta - posts an article entitled 'I Walked Into The Door Again' describing in detail his difficult relationship with his mother and traumatic upbringing.

    "I walked into the door again" is a line from the 1987 hit song by Suzanne Vega titled "Luka". The song is written from the perspective of an abused child. I guess we know how he came to choose the name Luka for himself.

  2. Fascinating. I had no idea about the song or it's relevance, but I think you are spot on with this. Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. Effectivement très bonne chanson et beau vidéo d'elle même....qui met en parole la vie d'un petit garçon maltraité Luka qui se cherche...Tout ça tiens logique face au choix de sa nouvelle identité !! .Alors pour ceux que ça intéressent en.Voici une version lyrics de la vidéo avec paroles explicatives.. Bon visionnement..

  4. Plaisirs ! Désolé pour la traduction,Mdrr ! Votre Blog relate beaucoup d''informations pertinentes sur ce personnage Montréalais narcissisme qui vivait prés de nos foyers Un gros merci à vous !

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  6. Thank you very much for your kind comments. By all means put a link on your Facebook page. :-)

  7. Breann Pearl Lang now has a facebook page called Luka Magnotta