Saturday, 25 August 2012

'Conspiracy Theories' abound, but there is no denying the cold, hard facts!

When I first started looking into this case and researching the vast web footprint left by Luka Magnotta, I was under no illusions from the outset that the balance of probabilities clearly indicated Luka's involvement in this crime.

Nonetheless, I approached the known facts about this case and web content allegedly created by Luka Magnotta, with a degree of objective scepticism to consider if there was any credibility to alternative explanations of the facts and Luka's culpability for the crime.

I have now come to the conclusion that there just simply is no evidence of a 'smoking gun' conspiracy theory in this case, indeed the evidence against Luka Magnotta appears to be overwhelming - although much of the forensic evidence, video surveillance footage and particulars of the crime will not become known until the Trial commences because of due process - but quite properly it is for a Jury to consider and weigh up all the evidence and testimony before making a judgement on Luka's involvement in this heinous crime.

I think in many ways I have gone as far as I can in understanding  the criminology and psychology of Luka Magnotta.

A clear picture has emerged of a highly disturbed young man who has undoubtedly struggled for most of his life with serious mental health and personality issues - most probably stemming from a highly dysfunctional family unit and trauma experienced during childhood - that stifled much of his potential from a young age and defined many of his lifestyle choices, with a tendency towards grandiose fantasising to compensate. 
The ultimate dichotomy of Luka Magnotta is that here we have a young man who projects an image of himself that is self-assured and apparently highly narcissistic, but yet, I feel, that is not the true measure of Luka Magnotta and if you scratch beneath the surface a picture emerges of a person consumed by an identity crisis and struggling with issues of self-loathing and low self-worth; which has been compounded by years of exploitation and abuse because of his physical attributes and the lifestyle he has led.

In his heart I do not believe that Luka Magnotta is an evil person, it is his mind that has become corrupted and twisted; nor am I personally convinced that he is a deranged sociopath or psychopath motivated by killing, he just convinced himself that he is after developing a pathological association with serial killers and acted in accordance with this delusional state of thinking to achieve his ultimate goal of recognition and notoriety. I fear the murder of Jun Lin is almost incidental to obtaining this goal.

There are many tragic elements to this case, but I think one that stands out most for me is that this crime need never have happened, if only people had taken seriously the many warning signs that ultimately culminated in the murder of Jun Lin!

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