Tuesday, 7 August 2012

If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!

A parody on a quote from Sherlock Holmes, but I prefer the 'Spock' version that I have quoted from Star Trek: Undiscovered Country!

My logic in entitling this blog entry with such a great literary axiom relates to a realisation about the way in which I have been approaching this case thus far.  It occurred to me yesterday that I have been placing a greater emphasis on trying to gain an understanding of the psychology of the alleged perpetrator in this crime, but not necessarily giving due consideration to some of the more obvious aspects of the criminology.

In the grand scheme of things this only really matters to myself and it has certainly never been my intention to claim to be able to resolve the murder of Jun Lin.  The simple reality is that I do not have all the facts at my disposal to reach such conclusions - indeed, none of us 'commentators' on this case have access to such information despite some elaborate claims to the contrary elsewhere on the internet - and responsibility for establishing burden of proof remains solely within the purview of the police investigation and criminal prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt!

However, whilst I was compiling a couple of updates to the Timeline relating to the disposal of the body parts it struck me that, not unlike a great Conan Doyle mystery, once you put aside the obvious assumptions about the crime - based predominately on an internet legend created around the prime suspect - what remains is largely circumstantial with several key elements of the criminology seemingly deficient in explanation at the present time.

Until such matters are resolved, even the improbable must remain possible in this case! 

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