Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Sobering Reality Check

Jun Lin's grieving father Diran Lin at Mount Royal
I know this is going to make me sound like a terrible person, but for most of this past couple of months that I have been following this case - researching into Luka Magnotta's history and attempting to psychoanalyse the meaning of his extensive internet activities - I have really not given a great deal of thought to the actual victim in all this: Jun Lin!

I think I got a bit of a reality check today though when I read an emotive report in the Toronto Sun of Jun Lin's funeral last Thursday. 

Actually it wasn't so much the words but the pictures of Jun Lin's grieving father, Diran Lin, hugging the urn containing Jun's ashes at Mount Royal, Montreal, which choked me up.

I find myself now questioning what this past two months has really been about and why I have allowed this man Luka Magnotta to get under my skin.

I also feel a sense of shame that I have not given more thought to Jun Lin and his grieving family members or spent much time learning more about them and their lives.

I'm not sure anymore quite where I go from here. I can't see any meaningful purpose to what I have been doing thus far. Not really.

But of one thing I do feel resolute: this case is not about Magnotta; it is, and should always have been, about the brutal heinous murder of a young man called Jun Lin!

R.I.P. Jun Lin, 1978-2012


  1. i just feel the same !!
    im sad for Jun lin and also Luka

    i didn't saw the terrible murder video for two reason
    1st im scared and prefer watching a walt disney cartoon with flowers, bird rabbit and princess
    2nd by respect for Jun Lin and his family !

    but ,

    there are too many things we could find on the web and deep web that could prove that luka is not completly guilty ...

    1. I think you are very wise not to view it!

      I have seen it and I can assure you it is not something that one can easily forget.

      So far I have come across nothing credible to indicate or prove Luka was not involved in the crime. However, I guess it is still plausible for there to have been other people involved with him.

      We should all be mindful of the fact that it is not disputed that the crime took place in Luka's apartment, and that he was witnessed leaving the suitcase containing Jun Lin's torso outside the apartment block.

      The Police also have CCTV footage of a suspect they believe to be Luka Magnotta mailing the packages containing the body parts from a Post Office in Montreal.

      I am not a Luka hater! I am just a realist!