Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy 30th, Luka!

Today Luka Magnotta turns thirty-years-old and what a way to be spending such a landmark birthday, languishing in a prison cell contemplating a lifetime of incarceration.

I dare say he'll have been sent loads of cards from the legion of fans and well-wishers, but even so I doubt there is much of chance anybody will actually be there to celebrate the ocassion with him.  

Maybe his legal team might pay him a visit, but it is most unlikely that any family members will.

Irrespective of conclusions I may have reached about Luka's guilt, a part of me still feels compassion towards him and a profound sense of pity for him that he has ended up where he is now, when he had so much going for him.

But then I am also mindful that a 33-year-old man called Jun Lin will never see another birthday again, as a consequence of the heinous crime that Luka allegedly perpetrated.  

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