Monday, 16 July 2012

Sockpuppets, Aliases and Wotnot

There are many mysteries to the Magnotta case that remain largely unresolved, despite the apparent abundance of anecdotal information and 'evidence' proliferated across the web.

I think it is worth bearing in mind that attribution of many of the writings and postings to LM is based on an assumption that he alone created the multiple identities and sock puppet accounts to propegate the webpages and forum postings we have become all too familiar with.

The principle reason we accept this to be the case is because we are being given this information in seemingly authoritative postings on numerous websites, which have produced lists citing alleged LM aliases and known sock puppet accounts.

However, an important caveat to such information must be that it is just an assumption that these accounts and identities were created by LM himself, unless there is irrefutable evidence to substantiate the supposition.

I have to admit that the prose and style of many of the blogs, forum postings and websites I have personally viewed so far - and, indeed, linked here in my Timeline - do appear consistent with LM's writings and self-promotion, so whilst it may well be a mute point about substantiating such identities I do still believe - in a case with so many twists and turns - it is something of which we should be mindful.

Having said that, 
here is a PDF I have compiled of known aliases and sock puppet accounts and Flickr Photostreams believe to have been created and used by Luka Magnotta.

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