Monday, 23 July 2012

He started off by killing kittens...He then brutally butchered a MAN...but all this was only the beginning...his latest victim is probably YOU!

Okay I guess right now you might be thinking I have completely lost the plot, but I urge you to at least hear me out before reaching any conclusions.

If you are reading this posting I assume you have found this blogspot whilst searching for information about Luka Magnotta, right?

Well you are not alone in that endeavour, because ever since this case was first publicised back in May a great many people have been totally gripped by it for a wide variety of reasons. For some people it is a need to gain an understanding and search for answers to resolve the crime; for others it's a morbid fascination with this type of criminality; but for many it comes down to being seduced by the attractive features and charisma of the alleged perpetrator; or a combination of all three!

Modern society is hooked by the cult of celebrity and an insatiable yearning for more and more information about our favoured celebrities, good or bad it doesn't seem to matter, as long as people get their fix of the latest celebrity gossip. Indeed, popular culture has redefined the very meaning of celebrity with the rise of a new breed of celebs borne of an endless stream of reality tv shows, whilst conversely some 'celebs' cling on to fame long after their talent has waned by dramatising every twist and turn in their lives on the front pages of tabloid newspapers and women's magazines.

In allegedly perpetrating this crime I believe it has become quite apparent that Luka Magnotta was seeking notoriety, manifesting narcissistic personality traits with a highly distorted self-image and delusional state of thinking influencing many of his actions; most likely developed to counter intense feelings of self-loathing, low self-esteem and issues around body image integrity (symptomatic of BPD and possibly BDD).

Many people have quite wrongly assumed, in my opinion, that Luka Magnotta lacks intelligence. I would counter this with the simple argument that it takes a degree of intelligence to carefully plan and execute a crime of this nature in the manner that he did, especially when one takes into account the extensive internet legend he painstakingly created for himself in the years and months leading upto the murder of Jun Lin. Where he is deficient I believe, is lacking in emotional intellect to apply his intelligence in what would be considered a normal healthy manner, i.e. he exhibits signs of a maladaptive coping mechanism caused by emotional dysregulation (Borderline Personality Disorder).

I have come to the conclusion that this crime was never about someone acting out of a sociopathic desire to kill or even just about a delusional craving for fame and notoriety. It has always been my view that the very nature of how this crime was staged and released onto the internet suggests a person with an agenda beyond just the criminality or notoriety.

Having followed this case pretty much full-time for some two months now and spent quite literally hundreds of hours extensively researching webpages and articles about Luka Magnotta, it has become clear to me that not only did he want to get the attention of a global audience by perpetrating such a horrific criminal act but in creating an extensive portfolio of information and imagery about himself on the internet, Luka Magnotta knew full well he would impress upon the psyche of a worldwide audience of internet users who would research every minutia of information about him and his background.

If there is one thing that Luka Magnotta understands only too well, it is the 'cult of celebrity' and he has exploited society's preoccupation with celebrity to project a lasting psychological affect via the internet; and every word written about him and everytime one of his webpages or images is viewed this affect is perpetuated! Yes, that includes this website too!

Think of it another way. What happens when a trojan horse malware virus infects your hard disk? Now think of Luka Magnotta as the trojan horse and your brain as the hard disk! Get where I am coming from?

I'll conclude this posting with a screen-capture of a post paraphrasing dialogue from American Psycho that was allegedly written by Luka Magnotta himself on the 4Chan forum on 30th May 2012 while he was on the run:

Thank you for reading and if you still think I've lost the plot then fair enough.

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