Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Taking Stock

In many ways the Magnotta Case has been the proverbial mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma, with such a huge body of information to sift through and piece together to try to make some sort of sense.
Following this case has certainly given me an appreciation of the mammoth task confronting the police investigators, whom one must remember are the real sleuths in this case, and it would certainly never be my intention to do anything to impede their investigations!

It has been enormously helpful - for the sake of my sanity if for no other reason - to start putting together a timeline of events, although this process is far from complete with much more information to collate and include in my Timeline and Biographical pages; particularly in relation to events surrounding the alleged kitten killing videos.

I think clear patterns have emerged in Luka Magnotta's behavioural activities, whether online or in his everyday life, that have substantially resolved the few niggling doubts I had about the case initially.

However, something still bothers me about the video and photographic evidence implicating Luka Magnotta as the perpetrator behind several videos killing kittens during 2010-2011.   I feel much more inclined to accept his involvement now, but if the perpetrator is Luka then it strikes me he looks an awful lot younger in appearance than he would have been in 2010-11 for a man in his late-20's.

I also have an unease about the revelations that have emerged from US-based animal rights groups, some of them comprised of police and military personnel, that in 2011 and again in 2012 they attempted to entrap Luka with "sting operations" in order to bring him to justice for the alleged animal cruelty offences; including the setting up of fake YouTube accounts in June 2012 to "bait" Luka by linking him to the Hervey Medellin murder in California. 

There is no evidence such groups had any direct involvement in the wider Magnotta Case, but it does cause one to question what other information, that we have hitherto assumed came from Luka Magnotta, could have been one of these groups or activists attempting to set him up in some way.

My finally niggling doubt is related to a report that Luka Magnotta is alleged to have made on 24th May 2012 - the day of Jun Lin's murder - on the RipOff Report website regarding a former friend and Toronto fitness instructor, Nader Eid.  I have written more about the details of this report in my Timeline, but it still doesn't make sense to me why Luka Magnotta would write this about a person from his past on the very day he allegedly perpetrated a most brutal murder.

Any thoughts or comments would be most welcome!

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